The MAIA Office staff is available to meet with current students. as well as potential candidates.  Our office is open from Monday through Thursday, 9:00am-6:00pm, Fridays9:00am-5:00pm.  Appointments are also available upon request. 

For information about our program or assistance with your application please contact the MAIA Office at 305-284-8783 or at

MAIA Staff Directory

Dr. Bradford R. McGuinn
MAIA Program Director

Dr. Maryann Tatum Tobin
Executive Director of Programs

Catherine L. Shaw

Frances L. Smith
Sr. Program Coordinator

Cody Ratcliff
Office Assistant

MAIA Core Faculty

Abaka, Edmund
Ph.D.,York University

Connolly, Michael B.
Ph.D., University of Chicago

Ganitsky, Joseph
DBA, Harvard Business School

Garcia, Alfredo
Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton University

Kerr, Jeffrey L.
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

McGuinn, Bradford R.
Ph.D., University of Miami

Moulioukova, Dina
Ph.D., University of Miami

Trivelli, Paul A.
Ambassador in Residence and Visiting Professor
Former U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua
Civilian Deputy, U.S. Southern Command
Deputy Chief, U.S. Embassy in Honduras
Director, Office of Central American Affairs, Department of State
M.A., University of Denver
M.A., U.S. Naval War College

MAIA Seminar Faculty

Ms. Lisa Baker
Access, Information, & Research Services, Otto G. Richter Library

Dr. Mark Friedman
Accounting, School of Business

Dr. Valerie Giroux
School of Communications

Dr. Seth Levine
Accounting, School of Business

Dr. Juan Rodriguez
Accounting, School of Business

Dr. Arthur Simon
Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Don Stacks
School of Communications