Faculty Support

The College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) at the University of Miami is a community where scholars and students cultivate their personal commitments to lifelong learning, intellectual growth, and the enduring values of the liberal arts.



With substantial research funding from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and a number of other public and private sponsors, the UM College of Arts and Sciences is a leader in research and scholarship. The National Research Council ranks the College’s doctoral programs in sociology, psychology, and philosophy among the best in the country. A&S is home to hundreds of full-time faculty representing the very top of their fields. The following information describes programs the College has developed to help A&S faculty achieve continuous success.





The College of Arts & Sciences recognizes the excellence of its teachers, scholars, and researchers. These awards recognize outstanding A&S faculty.

Cooper Fellowship
The fellowship is a three-year appointment including an annual research fund of $15,000. Three Cooper Fellows are chosen based on excellence in contributing to our core missions of scholarship, teaching and service.


Gabelli Senior Scholar
The Gabelli Senior Scholar Award recognizes a faculty member at the associate level for interdisciplinary scholarship, outstanding contributions to the College and the University, and exceptional promise of future success. This three-year appointment includes an annual research allocation of $5,000.



The College ensures that faculty members have adequate time to engage in their research, scholarship and creative endeavors, including professional development.

Junior Faculty Leave
All tenure-track A&S faculty are eligible to apply for a one-semester leave during their probationary period. Read the full policy here: Junior Faculty Leave Policy

Leaves and Supplemental Salary for Fellowships and Scholarships
Support for faculty members whose main source of extramural funding comes from fellowships and scholarships.  Read the full policy here: College Policy on Leaves and Supplemental Salary for Fellowships/Scholarships

Funding for Travel to international conferences to present their work
Up to $1,500 for travel to make presentations at international conferences. Read the full policy here: International Travel Award

Funding for Travel to Meet with Program Officers in DC
Funding for travel to Washington, DC, to meet with program officers in federal funding agencies. 

Funding for Travel to Attend Grant Writing Workshops
Funding to attend grant writing workshops organized by federal agencies, such as NIH, NSF, NEH, etc.

Pilot Dependent Care Reimbursement Program
Up to $100 per day plus any additional travel costs of the dependent to help reduce business-related travel barriers for regular faculty in pre-tenure status. View the full application here: College of Arts and Sciences Dependent Care Application Form



A&S fosters programs that help incubate and develop research and scholarship across disciplines.

Convergence Research Groups
Convergence groups test original research ideas that address some of the grand challenges facing humanity in this century. Funding is available for convergence projects up to $60,000 in direct costs per year. Read the full policy here: Request for Proposals - Convergence Research Groups

Program to Support Faculty Career Progression Post-Tenure
Recently tenured professors are provided with guidance, resources and support at this juncture. Read the full policy here: Program to Support Faculty Career Progression Post-Tenure

Start-up, Seed and Bridge Funding
Start-up funding is available to help new faculty establish a research agenda. Seed funding invigorates scholarly productivity with smaller grants to pursue new research or to complete ongoing projects. Bridge funding provides temporary support when grant funding has ceased and there is a reasonable expectation of future funding. Read the full policy here: Policy on Seed and Bridge Funding to Support Faculty Research



The College recognizes that developing proposals and manuscripts for publication can be a complex process; thus, we have developed programs for external reviewers and support funding for faculty’s publishing needs.

External Reviewer Program
Assists A&S Principal Investigators who are writing proposals of more than $50,000 to a major agency (e.g., NIH, NSF, NEH, DOE, etc.), with an honorarium for senior scholars from other universities who review their  proposals to help strengthen the application. Read the full policy here: External Reviewer Policy

Proposal Editing Program
Covers editing services from qualified service providers prior to submission of the proposal for junior faculty who are writing proposals for $50,000 or greater to a major agency (e.g. NIH, NSF, NEH, DOE, etc.). Read the full policy here: Proposal Editing Policy

Review of Book-Length Manuscripts before Submission
Assists faculty in the final stages of manuscript preparation (before submission to a press) with funding to solicit an extensive reader’s report from an expert in the pertinent research area. Read the full policy here: Book Manuscript Review Policy

Publication Support Fund
Funding support to tenured and tenure-track faculty for costs associated with publication. These costs include, but are not limited to, publication subvention, page charges, and copyright fees, excluding indexing costs and cost associated with preparation of Bibliographies. Faculty Publication Support Fund Policy 



Innovation in education is strongly supported throughout the College. Funding and support are available, and faculty members are encouraged to involve outside experts to enhance teaching and learning.

Funding Available for Pedagogy Workshops
Funding of $2,000 per department for workshops that explore new instructional strategies or techniques. Read the full policy here: Call for Pedagogy Workshop 2016-2017



The College provides professional development and research support for lecturers and senior lecturers.  Funding important opportunities for career enhancement brings new knowledge to the classroom and allows A&S lecturers to realize their scholarly and artistic ambitions. 

Travel to Conferences
Up to $600 for lecturers to attend conferences or their equivalents (e.g., workshops, roundtables, panels) at which they will present and/or discuss their work. Read the full policy here: New College Policies to Assist Lecturers - Spring 2017

Summer Research Support
The College will fund up to five summer research awards of $2,000 each. Depending on the type of research, the lecturer may partner with a tenure-track faculty member. Read the full policy here: New College Policies to Assist Lecturers - Spring 2017




These awards recognize the exceptional efforts of University of Miami faculty and other members of the UM community:

  • – Award for Scholarly Activity
  • – The Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award
  • – The University Distinguished Professorships
  • – The James W. McLamore Outstanding Service Award
  • – The Outstanding Teaching Award
  • – The Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award