Dean's Office Contacts

Ashe Building Room 227
1252 Memorial Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Phone: (305) 284-4117
Fax: (305) 284-5637

Leonidas G. Bachas Dean of the College 305-284-4021 Email
Douglas Fuller Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and College Diversity 305-284-4036 Email
Angel Kaifer Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education 305-284-4036 Email
Maria Galli Stampino Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 305-284-4036 Email
Maryann Tatum Tobin Executive Director of Programs 305-284-5218 Email
Rose-Ketlie Glemaud Senior Executive Assistant to the Dean 305-284-4021 Email
Ana Garcia Sr. Administrative Assistant 305-284-2834 Email



Jeanne Luis Assistant Dean 305-284-2988 Email
Angie Gonzalez-Kurver Development Director for Major Gifts 305-284-4638 Email
TBA Assistant Director for Major Gifts 305-284-9712 Email
Meredith Suzanne Vey Development Director of the Arts 305-284-9712 Email
Maria Amezquita Assistant Director of Annual Giving 305-284-5531 Email
Nancy Hill Donor Relations Manager 305-284-1266 Email
Manuela Arrebola Donor Relations Coordinator 305-284-3874 Email



Deserae del Campo Editor 305-284-2485 Email
Juniette Fiore Digital Communications Specialist 305-284-9710 Email


Faculty and Personnel Affairs

Maggie Pertierra Director, Human Resources 305-284-6104 Email
Nadieska Gonzalez Miranda Human Resources Generalist 305-284-9315 Email


Fiscal Affairs

Dawn Reynolds Executive Director, Budget 305-284-4029 Email
Sue Ratcliff Director, Budget 305-284-4034 Email
Nicholas Osborn Accountant 305-284-1007 Email


Graduate and Administrative Services

Merrick Building, Room 304
5202 University Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Phone: (305) 284-3188
Fax: (305) 284-4724

Charles Mallery Associate Dean 305-284-3188 Email
Gylla Lucky Manager of Programs 305-284-3188 Email
Barbara Varona Secretary 305-284-3188 Email
Marilyn Vazquez-Aparicio Classroom Planning & Scheduling 305-284-3188 Email


Research Support Services & Administration

Ashe Building Room 327
1252 Memorial Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Phone: (305) 284-4797

Tracy Ehrlich Sr. Sponsored Programs Manager 305-284-4797 Email
Richard A. Williams Assistant Chairperson, Psychology 305-284-3994 Email
Danielle E. Genovese Sponsored Programs Specialist 305-284-4797 Email
Norma Lissette Cajina Sponsored Programs Secretary 305-284-4797 Email


Undergraduate Student Academic Services

Ashe Building Room 200C
1252 Memorial Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Phone: (305) 284-4333
Fax: (305) 284-4686




Technical/Computer Support Services

Ashe Building Room - 421
1252 Memorial Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Phone: (305) 284-4223
Fax: (305) 284-6024

Samer Zafar Web Development 305-284-2771 Email 108 Flipse Bldg.
Dwayne Hoffman Art and Art History 305-284-6962 1540 Levante Ave.
Rob Burgess Biology & Geological Sciences 305-284-1753 102B Cox Science Bldg.
Irina Kaliman Computer Science 305-284-2272 427 Ungar Bldg.
Chris Hanson Geography & Regional Studies 305-284-5430 305A Merrick Bldg.
Jef Moskot Mathematics 305-284-2255 409 Ungar Bldg.
Marco Monti Physics 305-284-3197 226 Knight Physics Bldg.
Andre Perwin Psychology 305-284-1939 528 Flipse Bldg.
Derek Harmisson Psychology 305-284-1939 529 Flipse Bldg.