August 21, 2017

Dear A&S Faculty and Colleagues,

I want to welcome you all to the start of the Fall 2017 semester. I know we are eager to create new connections across departments, engage with our students, continue on the path to new scholarship and discoveries, and build a successful academic year. Let me also extend a warm welcome to Provost Jeffrey Duerk, who started in the summer. His experience and leadership in academia will help the University as well as the College move forward and implement the roadmap to our new century.

I echo President Frenk’s message of August 14th after the tragic and repulsive events that happened near the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, Virginia.   We reject violence, intimidation and hatred in all forms and reaffirm our commitment to a culture of respect and inclusiveness, which are core-values in the College. 

I am proud of both the dedication and achievements our faculty and staff, and I look forward to our continued success. During the summer months, we reviewed our 2013-17 strategic plan and prepared a final report of our endeavors over these past years. The report of our accomplishments can be found at . The premise of our plan has been investing in people, ideas and infrastructure to facilitate student success and support faculty research and scholarship ̶ all leading to outcomes with noteworthy impact. Over the summer, I appointed three workgroups to lead discussions that will formulate our next strategic plan; a College-wide faculty retreat has been planned for October 12, 2017. Please plan to attend!

It is our goal to be recognized as an innovative College that tackles substantial questions facing humanity through its scholarship and strives to redefine higher education. Strong departments and vibrant programs, along with the new Frost Institutes in Science and Engineering, will be fundamental to our future success. They will supplement the College’s recent investments in cluster faculty appointments and funding of new initiatives to attract stronger students and encourage fellowship and grant applications. Understandably, with the state of the economy and limited funding, we all need to be mindful of our priorities and where to invest.

As we review our accomplishments to date, it is evident that the College provides a strong liberal education that focuses on life-long learning and successful education-to-career transition. Our faculty address the big questions, and our research and scholarship have a global influence, as evidenced by publications in high-impact outlets as well as major funding from an array of Federal and private agencies. The College plays a significant role in the University’s priorities, and every department within the College is vital in supporting and implementing the Roadmap Initiatives, which are designed to heighten the University’s reputation locally, nationally, and internationally.

We will continue to move the College forward on the path to excellence.

Collegially yours,

Leonidas G. Bachas

Dean’s Message - Fall 2017